Coffee Robot C1 Pro

Feature Specification
Types of Milk 2 / 3
Syrup Pump (Unit) 3
Space (m²) 5
Pricing Contact us for more details
Payment Solutions Credit Card/ Various online payment platforms
Origin of coffee machine Made in China
Order Screen Size (Inch) 15 / 24
Number of Ordering Screens Supported 5
N W(KG) ~700
Multithreaded Work Optional
Milk Refrigerator Capacity (L) 40
Latte Art (Compatibility) Optional
IoT 4G LTE/ 5G
Input Voltage \ Power AC 220V/50Hz \ 3-5KW ( US 110V 30A)
Independent Ordering System Y
Ice-maker Storage Capacity(KG) 4.5
Food Outlet 3
Dimensions 1700*1350*2065
Cup Dispenser Capacity 140 / 280 with 12oz cup per unit(2 units can be installed)
Cup Capacity 140 / 250
Cold Brew Y
Coffee Bean Capacity(KG) 2.5-3
Chocolate Powder Y
Average Food Prep Time (S) 60~120S